"Translation is not a matter of words only: it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture."
Anthony Burgess

Localization is an enhanced product that does not only take into account the actual text for translation. The product gets translated, but during the localization process, the language, the cultural and other specific customs and rules of target locale are implemented. The goal is to give the user “feel like home” experience while using the product, i.e. a computer game, a website, a software application or a smartphone app. The user is aware that the product has been probably brought from another country, but the most important is that he/she is not able to tell from the displayed content.

Computer & mobile phone users in the Czech Republic present a demanding audience. Which means that without the necessary linguistic expert, who can handle all the pitfalls of bringing Czech language onto these devices, the success is rather uncertain.

I am currently living in the Czech Republic and know the specific needs of the Czech market. Moreover, I am a sort of enthusiast about smartphones, Internet and computers and I know everything about it. This being said, I am fully qualified to help you localize your products.

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