"The more our fingers are getting skilled on keypad the more we are losing the art of holding the pen."

One of the definite truths of the modern “computer” era. Nevertheless, we stumble now and then upon handwritten documents that need to be transcribed. Or there is a document you would love to edit just a little bit to use it for a new purpose, whatever the reason is, you managed to find only its scanned version! Hence transcription comes into action.

Do not be fooled by anyone telling you transcription is difficult. It is not, it is an easy task to do. The issue with transcription is doing it at a pace worth the efforts. Only a fast enough transcriber can make decent money to do it professionally.

Transcription is only a minor service considering the time spent with it, but it presents a refreshing change of my daily routine. With more than 300 strokes per minute I have a good disposition for transcribing the text you need. Transcription needs good productivity, diligence and accuracy; all of these belong to portfolio of my traits.

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