Who I am

I love languages and specially my mother tongue – Czech. That’s where it all started and made me who I am now – a linguist with more than 8 years of experience in the field, a professional whose aim is to exceed expectations and provide an excellent service to my clients.

My passion for languages drives me to learn and improve continuously, as it’s said, to go the extra mile when needed. I strive for perfection when it comes to passing the message of a source text in an equal (or even better) way to the final recipient. To achieve this objective, one often has to offer more than a mere translation, but also provide an added value, a bonus.

Czech, as part of the Slavic languages, requires a very gentle and precise handling in terms of translation. It has many peculiarities, unusual rules and grammar exceptions that are not seen in other languages. These issues make Czech a very difficult language to master. You can notice quite easily if the Czech translation you have received is just a literal translation from a foreign language by an unskilled or inexperienced translator.

With me you do not have to worry about that. My linguistic skills enable me to give the impression the text has been created originally in Czech, rather than just a simple translation from English, which is usually the clients’ intention.

Whether it is a translation, editing, proofreading, or another service you may be interested in, you can always count on my professional and diligent approach and a good communication and punctual deliveries. If I do not meet the agreed deadline (for any reason), the service will have no cost at all.

I can provide my services in many areas, within the natural possibilities of a human being of course. If the text to be worked on does not belong to my field of expertise, I will inform you, as I do not tolerate delivering a substandard work. I take this as one of the aspects of professionalism and reliability I trust in.